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booktrades's Journal

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Hello & welcome to the newest BOOK TRADING community. Here you are able to swap, buy & sell new & used books. The community has moderated membership, and all I ask is that you read through the COMMUNITY INFO, and Join. I will not accept members who have journals less than 6 months old, sorry.

1. Please use a LJ-CUT for all entries. The TITLE/AUTHOR should be the text for the LJ-CUT.
<*lj-cut text="TITLE/AUTHOR HERE"*>ENTRY GOES HERE<*lj-cut*>
Just remove the stars**

2. We do take book reviews. Please place EVERYTHING under a cut, and note somewhere noticable if you have spoilers in your review.

3. A personal rating can be determined by the 1-5 rating scale.
1 = total boredom, 5 = great book

4. USE COMMUNITY TAGS - when tagging the author, please go by the last name.

When making a post, please include the following under a LJ-CUT:

When making a post, please include the following under a LJ-CUT:

If you are interested in a book, please leave your personal e-mail address for immediate invoicing.
Questions are allowed on the buyers post. Please do not delete any questions, because some one else may have the same one.

BUYER BEWARE: We encourage you to use a verified payment service when sending money (such as PAYPAL). Always try to receive a tracking order for things that are shipped.booktrades is not responsible lost or damaged goods. It is also not responsible for financial loss or personal issues with other members. All transactions are considered personal matter.